Alumni Spotlight: Sara Galante

After I left Northwest, I graduated from William A. Hough High School and then The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelors of the Arts in Exercise and Sports Science. Due in part to inspiration from my time with a spinal stress fracture at Northwest, I plan to pursue Physical Therapy school and help other people get back to doing what they love.

Since high school, I have choreographed 3 musicals, taught dance to elementary school students in an underprivileged area of Durham and became an alum of one of the most amazing organizations at UNC. At UNC I joined Blank Canvas Dance Company, an all-level, all-style company that teaches and encourages everyone to dance. I served as both Treasurer and Vice President of Choreography for this 300 dance company and choreographed 5 times for dancers of all levels. The piece I am most proud of, and the piece I won the Spring 2016 Choreographer Award for was called “Jungle” and focused on the struggles of mental health, as well as the people who helped loved ones stay strong through their tough times. I wanted everyone to know that they have someone that is willing to help them, someone who will catch them when they fall (View piece).

Dance has continually given me incredible new friends, an outlet to express myself and a safe haven from all of the chaos going on in the world. Although I left Northwest before graduation, it was a vital part of what made me the dancer I am today. Any NWSA alum who has seen me dance can pick out my choreography from a show without a program and name the NWSA teacher I learned that technique from. I hope that as a prospective student you can read this and know that you can come to Northwest and they will make you great. A great dancer, great performer, and great individual.