Alumni Spotlight: Javontre Booker

I am currently at junior at University of North Carolina School of the Arts. I am also in the middle of rehearsals for Merce Cunningham’s Change of Address. While also balancing an 18 credit hour semester, I am a Resident Assistant for a dorm hall here at the school of the arts. With that, I am not only growing as an artist but as a human being; learning a great deal of time management and responsibilities. NWSA Dance Department has given me the skills that I use in everyday life. Some of those skills include never marking, always willing to step outside of my comfort zone, and the ability to take correction well. After several conversations with each faculty members of the NWSA’s DAB, I knew I was ready to be a college dance major. What I appreciate most about the NWSA was that no matter how far I go.. it’s always home!