Northwest School of the Arts Dance Repertory Concert Creating Opportunities Through Dance

One word sums up the purpose of The Repertory Scholarship Concert. Opportunity. Creating Opportunities through Scholarship.

This program was designed to expose students to working with professional dance choreographers, learn appropriate business networking skills and to provide our students with the opportunity to secure scholarships for additional artistic training at local and national levels, as well as for Colleges and Universities.

It was important for us to do this program because many of our students lack the finances to attend field trips, purchase dance attire, obtain additional training outside of their public education or even attend college. However, their desire to become undergraduate dance majors and professional dancers is insurmountable.

Professional choreographers audition students and set pieces, some world-renowned while others are world premieres. Students give up the last two weeks of their summer vacation and work up until the concert to give an amazing performance.

As a department, our goal was to bring you local artistic talent and ability, in one major annual event. With this event, we hope that our students can receive acceptance as well as scholarships, bursaries, or tuition credit to different dance programs. Additionally, to accept donations to the dance department to help make this Repertory Scholarship Concert a recurring event.

Past years Repertory Concert have a major success! The choreographers have backgrounds that include dancing professionally, directing a successful company, national touring, college instruction and much more.

We are also working with schools, studios, intensives and colleges to offer acceptance, awards or scholarships to the students based on their performance in the Concert. Over the past two years, over $80,000 has been awarded to the participants. We are looking forward to another amazing year!

New Partnership for 2017!

We were so excited to partner with dancers from Central Academy of Technology and Arts in Union County for the 2017 Repertory Scholarship Concert! 

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