Denmark Exchange 2020

We are excited to announce the return of our Cultural Exchange Program in Hobro, Denmark.  The purpose of this trip is to expose our students to the life of a Danish teenager, in and outside of school.  Students will be paired according to interests, personalities, and special requests. For example, students who are allergic or have a fear of dogs will not be placed with a Danish host who has dogs.  Once the deposit is made, students will create a Google Slide presentation all about themselves.  Each student should include their name, age, likes, hobbies, allergies, dietary restrictions, contact info (email, phone number, social media), family info, and pictures. 

The dates of travel are April 12 -21, 2020, which falls mostly on Spring Break. The cost of the trip is $1905.56 and includes flight, hotel, ground transportation, and sightseeing.  This does not include the travel insurance of $120, which insures a refund of the flight in the event that the trip gets canceled or a student is not able to go due to a covered issue.  Students will also be able to visit the cities of Copenhagen and Malmo, Sweden to tour castles, visit museums, and see incredible architecture.  We will be doing fundraisers throughout the year, as well as offer a payment plan to families.  The payment plan is located at the bottom of this letter. Please adhere to the deadlines, as we need to confirm flights, hotels, and get group rates for admission.  Payments can be made online at Please note, there is a charge when paying online. Payments can also be given to Mrs. Glover or Mrs. Binford in the form of a check, money order, or cash.  All in-person payments must be in a sealed envelope with the name of the student and “Denmark” Trip written on the outside of the envelope.   

 Because of the magnitude of the trip, we need at least 8 participants to attend. If we do not have 8 participants by the third payment date, the trip will be canceled and refunds will be issued.

Denmark Payment Plan
Oct 1 $400.00 Deposit – Non-refundable
October 20 $250.92 Non-refundable
November 20 $250.92 Non-refundable
December 20 $250.92 Non-refundable
January 20 $250.92 Non-refundable
February 20 $250.92 Non-refundable
March 20 $250.96 Refundable prior to March 30

Because we want to lock in the cheapest rates and need to book in advance, payments made prior to February 20th and equaling $1654.60 or less are non-refundable. Payments made 5 days after each due date, will incur a $10 late fee. The above payment plan is based on in-person payments. You will need to add 4% to each payment if paid online at

Artistically yours,

Chandra Glover (McCloud)
Khuanduen Toatley

Lead Chaperones

Download Denmark Letter 2020